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Microsoft Pre-Loaded A New Browser In Windows 10

Microsoft Adding New Browser In Windows 10
According to report of Mary Jo Foley that In windows 10 not included the internet explorer browser. But Microsoft planned to build a new browser which name was Spartan Web Browser. This is not IE 12(Internet Explorer 12), this is a new web browser of Microsoft which is similar to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Microsoft Spartan web browser will use Microsoft's Chakra JavaScript Engine and Trident Rendering Engine, is described overall as new, smooth, user friendly web browser. It would have a similar UI same as Google Chrome and others. It has great support of third party Extensions. It is developing major devices compatible as well i.e, it would run on Desktop, Laptop, Smartphones. There is not yet available for Android and iOS but in future Microsoft are services these days. You said may be a improved and upgrade version of Internet Explorer 12.

It's not expected that it backward compatible means that this browser runs on the Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1. I think it run on Windows 8.1 but may not other.

If Mary Jo Foley sources are right , Spartan is not Internet Explorer 12 instead spartan is a new light-weight browser which Microsoft  is building.

Spartan is just a codename at this point. Mary Jo Foley sources do not show what Microsoft plans to call this new browser when it debuts. The Internet Explorer team had contemplated changing the name of Internet Explorer to try to get user realize the much more standards-compliant Internet Explorer today is very different from older.

Microsoft may show off Spartan on 21st January the company reveals its next set of windows 10 features. But Mary Jo Foley sources also are not sure if Spartan will be functional enough for inclusion in the Windows 10 Technical Preview which launched in January 2015 that aree expected to be available to testers in early 2015, it may not show up in the test builds until some point later, they say.

Will Microsoft end up porting the Spartan browser to Android and iOs and any other Operating Systems.

Source : ZDNet

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