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Run Android Apps On Windows & Mac Using Chrome

Run android apps with Bluestacks and emulators
In Previous days you can run your android apps on your PC by using Bluestacks or some other Android Emulators which are we've shared already in this article. But today we're come with the interesting article that you're really liked. In September 2014 Google Launched the unique Dev tool to run your favorite android apps on the Google Chrome and that tool name is  ARC Welder, here ARC means "App Runtime for Chrome", it is a project which is launched by Google for running android apps in the Google chrome or chrome OS. Back on news the every updated version of chrome browser can download and run the android apps on different Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, Linux and other OS if chrome browser are compatible with it.

This project is in the beta stage and is specially and officially designed for the Developers. It is so simple to run .apk file of any android apps on PC just you need to download the ARC Welder tool where you can run not only android apps also there you can access full experience of Google Play Store to download your favorite android apps.

The original release of ARC Welder, there was no official process to getting android app run on the chrome OS. Now Google has release a tool that user can run .apk file on chrome browser that tool are available in chrome webstore.

ARC Welder is based on the Android 4.4.4 KitKat and run Dalvik VM (Virtual Machine).

Some Standalone android applications like Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and the wide variety of android games.
Source : Arstechnica
It is a very nice project by Google to make every one to enjoy the experience like a Android Smartphone, run all android apps on their PC without any Emulator.

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