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How To Increase Reddit Link Karma & Boost Traffic

All bloggers or webmaster in this world wants to increase their blog traffic earn more revenue and more visitors for their blogs but due to high competition and Google Algorithms Updates they were never success in this work then will lose their hopes to getting high traffic to their blog. But most of the bloggers use the Reddit to increase their traffic by submitting their post link on Reddit but there some hardcore rules on Reddit. In a case of submitting blog post link on Reddit, firstly you need to have at least 100 link karma points if you've 100 or 100+ link karma points then you'll submit your link on Reddit quickly.
increase reddit link karma

 Now the question is How to increase Reddit link karma to 100, is this hard to get 100 link karma, no this is very easy to get 100 link karma on your newly created Reddit account. You need to upload some unique and very very funny picture to pictures or funny subreddit if you get the maximum upvotes then your chance will increase to get maximum Reddit link karma.

How To Increase Reddit Link Karma And Boost The Blog Traffic

Firstly you need to find some funny and unique picture in Google Images or any other places then you have to check that image is already published on Reddit or not using (Image Duplicity Checker On Reddit)? If your images are unique and not published on Reddit.
  1. Now go to (the most popular Images Director) then upload your funny and unique image to Imgur.
  2. Copy your uploaded image link
  3. Go to Funny or Aww or any other funny pictures subreddit published your image link on there.
  4. Repeat this process with different unique images. Wait for increasing the link karma until 100.
  5. You're Done.


Don't submit your blog post link until you have at least 100 link karma, if you've any question about this tutorial then feel free to ask in the comment and share this post with your friends on social networking sites.

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