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How To Increase Blog Page Speed With Free CDN

The Loading time of your blog affects your blog's bounce rate and traffic because nowadays users are like the fastest opening websites and blogs to read their content with less time, sometimes you'll get the referral traffic on your blog and sometimes that referral is spammed which are very harmful to your blog. If you're getting lots of referral spams on your blog, then you must read this post to remove spams traffic and reduce bounce rate and loading time of your blog. There many other methods to remove referral spam (like from Google Analytics Filters) and increase the blog page speed using light weight and simple theme, but we have another method which we will go to teach you that how can you improve your blog's page speed, reduce bounce rate and remove the referral spam traffic using free CDN from CloudFlare for free and quickly.
speed up blog with CDN

Now the question is what's the CDN, it is a Content - Delivery - Network which works well and faster, it increase your blog page speed, reduce bounce rate, increase organic traffic, remove referral spam for free, easier and quicker and also prevent from hacker's attack to your blog. This is very effective way to make your blog secure, safe and fast. Most of the companies provide free CDN like CloudFlare, and some offer paid, but robust CDN like MaxCDN but they are very costly for some webmasters and blogger to use them on their blogs. I would recommend to you use the CloudFlare's free CDN on your blog this will increase your blog page speed, reduce bounce rate and much more. The CloudFlare's free CDN is giving you its nameservers, and you need to replace your custom domain's nameservers with CloudFlare's nameservers then it will take 24-48 hours to fully applied on your blog, once it is completely installed then check your blog page speed and loading time on speed checker tool like GTMetrix and PingDom free online tools after your blog's bounce rate, loading time and security will be improve.

How To Install and Setup Cloudflare's Free CDN

This very simple to install and completely setup the free CDN on your blog if you on WordPress or Blogger, but you must have a custom domain name for your blog, so just follow below steps to enjoy the benefits of free CDN from CloudFlare.
  1. Create an account on CloudFlare and confirm your email Id.
  2. Now select the free or basic plan from pricing page.
  3. Now enter your blog's domain name or URL.
  4. Then CloudFlare gives you the two nameservers, and then you need to copy both of them
  5. Now go to your domain's DNS setting and replace the default nameservers of your domain with CloudFlare's nameservers.
  6. It may take 24 - 48 hours to completely installed on your blog.
  7. Wait for 24-48 hours and then you're done.
If you have any question related to Content Delivery Network then contact us or comment on this article, we'll back soon with the interesting guide to make your blog perfect for 2016 and make it user-friendly. Keep visiting for more information and helpful guides.

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