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How To Make Windows Installation USB Bootable Drive πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Bootable pendrive
Hello Our Visitors This is our first post of the Tech X Mania so you are welcome to visit our site. So today we're going to show that how you can install windows or any other operating systems through your Pendrive or USB Flash drive, this is so simple this process is no longer but this process required a software and this software are easily available on any website. If you've a operating system in the form of an ISO image file so you can it to burn in the DVD but this is so longer process and it take long time to installation the operating system and its no guarantee that this DVD are scratch resistant or scratch proof because any CD or DVD are broken and lots of scratches. But in Flash drive have no problem like DVD. Let read some advantages of Flash Drives.

Advantages of Flash Drives To Installing Operating System

  • Fast Installation
  • No problems for scratching
  • Secure and Safe
  • Easily Boot
  • Not stop during installation
Requirements of This Process
  1. Flash Drive : You need a flash drive or pendrive one more thing your USB must have enough space to copy the complete windows image file in it. You may check the Windows ISO image file size before beginning.
  2. Windows ISO Image : You need a windows copied image file it should be in ISO format.
  3. Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool : This is the most important thing in the process. this is a little software but very useful this provided by Microsoft for making flash drive bootable and installing windows throung the flash drive this software are downloading by clicking here.
  4. Thus it is Enough!
How To Make Bootable USB
Step 1 : Insert/Plugin the USB to your PC.
Step 2: Install the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool and open it.
Step 3: Click On Browse and select Windows ISO Image File Location and Click Next.
Step 4 : Choose media type Click On USB.
Step 5: Select the USB Device and click on "Begin copying".

Now your bootable are in progress it will take some time to complete the copying windows from ISO image into your USB flash drive. Once the progress are completed then you are ready to install the windows from USB flash drive.

How To Boot USB/Install Widows From USB
Ready To Installing windows from USB. It is not difficult it is just same as the DVD process but you select the USB Flash Drive from Boot menu. If you have already experienced installing windows from DVD so it is totally same you need to just tell system to boot from USB.

We cannot give the accurate instruction because it is depends on the PC's motherboard because every motherboard have different bios and different keys for boot menu Plugin the USB, restart your PC now you need to go boot menu from bios key can be F9, F2, F12 or another. You can the find key for boot option of you motherboard on the web. After going to boot menu, select the USB flash drive and your PC will start booting from USB.

Final Words
So, That was how to make USB Flash Drive Bootable or Installing Windows from USB Flash Drive/Pendrive. I hope this little tutorial worked for you and please share this tutorial with your friends on social networking also leave your comments.
Happy Installation!

Hi, My name is Prajjwal and I'm a young and passionate blogger, writer, tech geek and gamer from India. I would love to write about technology on my blog HowToShout.

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