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Privacy Policy

Every website or blog has their own privacy policy page which are being accepted by visitor to use that site. Here in TechPixar we also add some privacy policy and you are need to read our privacy policy for using this blog/site.

We collect several kind of inforamtion of our visitors such as IP address, Operating system, Browser and much more. This information is used to provide the user of TechPixar better.. By this we can improve and updating the TechPixar for our friendly visitor.

Content Type at TechPixar

TechPixar provide the quality content e.g. some fresh news about technology, gadget reviews , mobile reviews and some other useful information which is acceptable for everyone person.

Visitor's Age

Here in TechPixar, we don't have any issue with the age of visitor of our blog TechPixar. So anyone easily access out blog without any irritation and we do not implement any pornographic content in our blog.  So every person gain very useful information about technology and new gadget from our blog TechPixar.

Thank you for reading our Privacy policy goto back and gain some information from our clean and user friendly and easy navigation blog TechPixar.

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